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Set Alarm to 06:00

This may end badly.


Things that happened in June

If you guessed "munched by slugs" in the pumpkin deadpool, congratulations, it got munched by slugs. I managed to bake a loaf of bread so bad that it ripped a layer of metal off the baking tray. I'm in the process of attempting to build a raised bed out of wooden pallets, but frankly, these… Continue reading Things that happened in June

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Everything is Probably Alive (Plus: Feta & Olive Filo Parcels)

Gardening: I lasted about three days before I ordered 200 litres of compost like I said I wouldn't. Couple of fruit trees put in - a James Grieve apple and some sort of mystery fruit tree that probably isn't the companion apple I was hoping for (might be cherry). Someone who has an orchard's worth… Continue reading Everything is Probably Alive (Plus: Feta & Olive Filo Parcels)


Sudden Garden

All these plants will be dead one day.

Waste Reduction

Chopping Plastic Out of My Life

So.┬áPlastic bags take 10-20 years to break down in the environment, and in that time, can be devastating for animals like sea turtles, which easily mistake floating bags for jellyfish, and swallow them. Here in Scotland, the government introduced a 5p charge on single-use carrier bags in October 2014. This was fantastic, because in the… Continue reading Chopping Plastic Out of My Life

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Grimly Undercooked Irish Soda Bread

I don't even really like soda bread, to be honest.